Github API - Recently Updated Repositories

This web application displays the ten most recently updated Spatie repositories, a dynamic timer displaying when they were updated, and a list of recent commits for the first two repositories.

It leverages the Github REST API along with backend caching to retrieve the information displayed.

Primary Technology: Vue
Technologies Used: Laravel, Vue 3, axios, Tailwind CSS 2, Github API (REST)

Star Wars API - Film Info

This web application displays the title, opening text, release date and random characters from the first six Star Wars films.

It leverages the SWAPI REST API to retrieve the information displayed, and uses caching, async API requests and data aggregation on the backend.

Primary Technology: Laravel
Technologies Used: Laravel, React, axios, Tailwind CSS 2, SWAPI (REST)

Serverless API

This web application displays a quote that is styled with randomly generated Tailwind CSS classes and changes every 5 seconds.

It leverages Netlify-backed serverless functions written in TypeScript: one generates the random class combinations, and one provides random quotes. On the server side, caching is used to rate-limit API calls.

Primary Technology: Serverless Functions
Technologies Used: Laravel, Vue, axios, Tailwind CSS 2, Netlify Serverless Functions, TypeScript

Hackernews Reader

This web application displays the 5 most recent new, top, and best stories on Hacker News.

It leverages a custom Express server running Apollo to provide GraphQL functionality for accessing the Hacker News API.

Primary Technology: Vue, Apollo, GraphQL
Technologies Used: Vue, Express, GraphQL, Tailwind CSS 2, TypeScript